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An old laboratory.

A dusty suitcase.

A long hidden secret.

The bad guys want what’s inside, and they’ll stop at nothing to get the answers.
Can you uncover the truth and smuggle it out safely before they arrive?


If the thought of telling your gamemaster what to do puts you off playing, or the motion of the camera makes you feel queasy, then we have the answer for you:

This is our purely digital version of The Laboratory. No GM, no live avatar, no need to book a certain time. Just purchase the game and receive a link to play whenever you like. The game will expire 48 hours after you begin, otherwise there is no time limit. But fear not, you competitive types – you will be shown your time at the end!


Get together with a team on your favorite conferencing app and play the game together. You’ll see each others’ mouse cursors moving around the room – point things out to each other and work together in real time, just as if you were in the room in person. Should you get stuck, a full range of hints is available within the game, from slightly cryptic to full-on spoiler hints. This is the Lab in its full, original, difficulty. It even includes puzzles and concepts that we had to simplify for the in-person games. We’ve pulled out all the stops to make it extra special for you! In this format, teams were taking a good 90 minutes (with hints) to finish – hopefully, it will keep you entertained for a while!

  • A fun escape room for all ages.
  • Challenging, but the only time limit is whatever you set for yourself.
  • The Telescape gameplay system includes a 360º rendition of the room for you to explore, an automatic inventory system and interactive puzzles.
  • A fully immersive sumptuous feast for your senses!
  • Type: Mental
  • Style: Traditional
  • Time: We’d expect around 90 minutes
  • Players: 2 – 6
  • Devices: Up to 6
  • Location: Your place
  • Play is via Zoom/Skype/On your own, using the Telescape gameplay system.
  • Once purchased you’ll receive a second email with the link to the game.
  • Your time will be shown at the end of the game, if you finish within 24 hours, otherwise take as long as you like.


My great-grandmother used to be assistant to a scientist who worked with animals and odd machinery. He was on the verge of a discovery that would change the world…
I have inherited a dusty suitcase from her. It was left with her under strange circumstances by the scientist. She has never opened it.
After hearing the story of how she came to have it, I have decided that it is time to revisit the old laboratory.
​I need some help! Someone needs to find out what went on in there…


Those from radically different timezones, contact us for game availability outside these hours.